Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Reader FAILURE

Oh, how I love the FAIL blog. Basically I'm a blog whore nowadays. Each morning I spend at least a couple hours reading e-mails, myspace, and Blogs. I also spend time in my Etsy shop each day. But reading blogs has become a relaxing time for me; catching up with some of my crafting friends, drooling over food pics, and cracking up at some of the funniest blogs there are.

Some of my favorite funny blogs:
The last one on the list is written by Lindyloo, who also writes "Yeah, that Vegan Shit" She's a great writer and has awesome recipes.

The most drool-worthy site I've found lately has been Taste Spotting. I mean, just LOOK at that food when I searched "vegetarian"!!!
One day I hope to make pictures good enough that make you want to lick your screen.

Reading these blogs is another story, and the actual reason for this post. For a while, I was using Bloglines. It was great, but then lately it's been on the fritz. Last week Danielle's blogs didn't come thru, yet I knew she had posted. FUCK THAT! I can't be missin' my blogs, especially my girls'!!!

Bloglines looks like this:

Over the weekend, I test-ran 3 different blog readers. The first one was Feed Demon. Yeah, um, that one sucked. Then came SharpReader. Better, but it slowed down my computer and who needs that shit? 3rd and FINAL choice is the kick-ass BlogBridge! This is a program, so it doesn't run in your browser. The part that ruled about Bloglines is that the tab you had Bloglines on would turn bold to the amount of feeds that were new. Blogbridge lets you know new feeds are there by popping a small window up near the lower portion of your screen.
One of the benefits of NOT having this in your browser is that you can actually keep focused on what you're trying to do in your browser. You can finish your work, and not be tempted to read more trashy blogs.

With Blogbridge, you can set up a 2 or 3 pane window display, so you can see all your latest feeds from your favorite bloggers. It also lets you put stars next to your favorites according to how much ya like them.

Woo Hoo Blogs!

Now let's see how long THIS blog takes to show up in my reader. . .
Just to let ya know this feed came thru about 15 minutes after I posted. Not too bad. . . Pin It


Unknown said...

I love the last picture, that cracked me up like you cannot believe.

Yikes, I have to run my kid to school!!!

Moooooog35 said...

Wow - thanks for the kudos.

I shall return the favor by complementing your ample bosom.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, love! *Blushing just a little*

Digging your blog!

FreeOscar said...

I second Mooog.

Anonymous said...

I'm a blog whore too!

There are some great ones out there....yours is one of them! ;o)

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