Sunday, November 30, 2008

Keepin Yer Hands Warm

Happy Sunday, ya'll!! I wanted to pop in and make a plug for my arm warmers. These have been the most successful and most fun to make item so far this season.

I started making these last year to go with some hats.
I might make a few more hats for this year. It just seems like people are more into buying the arm warmers. Maybe I need to try a different hat style? Comments please??

The first pair of the season were these:
They were made of a green hemp stretch jersey, and had appliques of vines with purple leaves. My friend Memory bought them. She said this picture was what sold her on them. I've come to realize more and more just how meaningful photographs are. In the Etsy community, you are entering a craft village, of sorts. You are catching a glimpse of each and every seller, browsing what they have to offer, and getting to know a little bit about them.

Bringing personality into a photograph is important to the buyer. Why the hell should I buy your item? What makes it any better than what I could buy down the road at a discount store?

One of the pairs I liked best were these Soulshine ones:
My customer commented, "Really pretty - a lovely sunshine design to keep me warm in winter!". I honestly believe my wording in the listing was what sold her on them. I had said, "Whenever there is no sunshine, there is always SOULSHINE. :) "

I've got 3 more pairs to add to my shop as soon as I can get them photographed. I had planned on doing that this morning, but it's raining like a mofo here. My friends Danielle and Heather are both getting a pair in trade for the upcoming holiday season.

Just clicky-click to the right and check 'em out in the shop!!!

Check back tomorrow for the new ones!!

I also have new HEAVY duty hemp shopping bags coming up. You're going to love these for your heavy loads!!! Pin It

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