Friday, December 12, 2008

Slapping your Camera Upside the Head

You might all be complaining about shit like, "I need a new camera" because your pictures suck so bad. I'm here to tell you that you don't need to. (all the while enjoying my 2 month old camera)

This is a little post about using your camera for what it's worth. Just like most things in life, everything you need for your camera is hidden right inside of it. LEARN your camera, folks. Try different settings, just for the hell of it, and guess what? You might just come across something worthwhile!

For example:

This shot was taken at a high ISO of 800. I'll be honest with you and tell you that I don't know what the hell ISO stands for. In a minute, I'll Google it.

This next one was taken at 100 ISO. Obviously it makes a big difference.
I'm sitting here sipping on my hard ciders, looking at the 2 photos and it doesn't look like much of a difference. What the hell is she talking about?? Maybe when I publish this it will be a lot more obvious with the larger pics. (note: click on the pictures to see what I'm talkin about . . .)

I thought the first picture looked grainy. In the second photo, those shroomies look a lot more succulent. Read: more lickable.

On a side note, that soup kicked some MAJOR ass! I deglazed the pan with some cream Sherry after sauteing the mushrooms, and it was so good. That really made a huge difference in flavor. Gave it a more "meaty" texture, if ya wanna call it something. I wish I had some now. . .
You should have seen my first attempt at the cheese toast. Hubby said, "is the house burning down?" when I came from the kitchen at 11:30 am to make sure he wasn't alarmed. . . The last remaining birds outside, peeking in, must have thought this woman was crazy, fanning the smoke detector with a broom. . .

Anyways, back to the pictures. . . . I have actually unsubscribed to blogs because their pictures sucked so bad.

Call me a photo snob if you want, but I want good pictures, damnit! If you're gonna waste your time on here, you may as well make your shit look as good as you can. Ya'll don't have to know what lies beyond the little placemat with the bowl of scrumptious soups. . . Pin It


ErinM said...

From one crafty food blogger to another... Switching your camera to 800 ISO is the equivalent of using 800 speed film — great for low-light shots, but usually noticeably grainy (whether shooting digital or film).

My camera's highest ISO setting is 400, and I sometimes have to resort to using it when dinner is ready, it's dark in my kitchen, and I'm too hungry to set up a tripod. But the pictures always suffer a little. It IS really hard to notice a difference between your two photos, though — weird!

Glad to have stumbled across your blog! And, by the way, I really DO need a new camera!

Erin (from

Cupcake Mama said...

ohhhh...its sinking in...reading the fine print...they DO look different!

I still need a new effing camera...

Anonymous said...

I hear ya about the crappy pics--it's one of my pet peeves too. I feel like I spend more time on taking and editing pics than I do actually creating the product or writing the post. ;-) And after that I'm STILL not happy with the images half of the time.

A sure fire sign that I need a more advanced camera, right? Right?

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