Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Mintute Christmas Cards

I bought a beautiful set of Christmas cards from Etsy, and they are so freaking cute!! Stephanie from She's So Creative makes some really funny cards. I'm definitely gonna hit her up again for some cards in the future. . . All of them were really funny! I especially liked this one:

Anyways. . .I wanted to share the couple of cards I made this year. After running out of the kick-ass new set of cards, I busted out the Christmas cards from last year. Along with my handy-dandy tip of cutting out portions of used cards to make hanging tags, I'm now going to let you know that you don't HAVE to keep those cards. Noone's gonna know you cut it up and sent it off as new to someone else. Well. . . unless they are reading this blog. . .

Here's what I made:

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