Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cooking with Idiots

I'm a big fan of cooking and food shows. Food Network has got the best cooking shows, obviously. I occasionally catch cooking shows on other channels. The ones on PBS are usually pretty good, even with the budget camera skills and whatnot. America's Test Kitchen can be interesting, but I think the hosts are a bunch of dorks.

One of the worst cooking shows I've seen yet is Healthy Decadence. I mean, I'm all about cooking shows that show food that actually looks good and is healthy. But this girl might just be the biggest idiot in cooking show history.

Readers, she's even worse than Sandra Lee. She tries to be all cute and scrunch her nose up. One of the dumbest things I heard her say was that [in one of her recipes] you could chop everything in the food processor except for the onion. The onion will turn sour if you put it in the food processor.


Where the hell did that come from?

I want to know what's in your frig

Here's what's in mine:

Okay, so ya might be wondering what is in there. Starting at the top shelf, we have some regular filtered tap water. One lonely cider. Milk. Dr. Pepper (hubby loves it). Under the foil in the casserole dish was some leftover spinach lasagna. The pot has some risotto that I made and turned into Risotto Cakes the next day:

To the right of the lasagna, we have some sauces. Notice the sauces in the door, too, which has to be shut with purpose nowadays, with the obesity of it.

To the right of the risotto (in the Ziplock container) is fresh greens from my dear friend and former neighbor, Shannon. Below that we have eggs and olives from the bar at Martins grocery (great drunk snack).

Veggies: Arugula, cucumber, mushrooms, onion, carrots, potato, and other stuff I don't remember right now.

Now the Freezer:

We've got biscuits, nuts, tomatoes, ice cream and sorbet. The Morningstar Farms products are some of the more popular prepared veggie foods in my freezer. Mostly because that's basically all our Food Lion carries. I've got frozen chicken breast for the hubby (wrapped in foil and inside bag), a piece of salmon, waffle potato fries, leftover chili (*I think*), some kind of appetizer cranberry thingy, bagels and a Tofurkey Feast (O god, I cannot WAIT for that!). Also a bottle of Yager that has seriously been untouched for YEARS.

I realize I have a LOT of shit in my freezer. I guess I'm always like that. I love grocery shopping, what can I say. And speaking of which, we are headed that way today. . . Yeah! Pin It


Danielle said...

I took pictures of my fridge a few weeks ago but I never finished the bog post! I must have about 15 unfinished posts in there!!! Guess I will get to them some day! :)

Cupcake Mama said...

I love the fact that you take the time to photograph your food...ugh...wish I could remember to do that!!! Meh...Sandra Lee...one of the few people on the food network I could do without. Although the maple-tinis might be worth trying ; )

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