Monday, November 3, 2008

Beans Up Ya Neck

Last week hubby and I went grocery shopping and picked up some Mexican food for dinner. As we walked outside, I couldn't help but imagine a (potentially) horrific event ahead of me. Here's the scenario: I'm carrying the stacked take-out containers tied simply with a twist of the hand inside a plastic shopping bag. I lose my footing as I'm stepping down onto the sidewalk to continue to our car. My ankle twists and I fall directly on top of the carry-out food. The beans squish out of the take-out containers and go up my shirt and then up my neck. It might feel hot and cool at the same time, with the sour cream chilling the lower portion of my cheek, and giving my dread locks white tips.

This is all just a nightmare IN MY HEAD, and not actually in my life.

We got into the car and went home to enjoy our dinner. I ate mine right out of the box. A seafood burrito.

Does anyone else have these imaginary scenes of falling down? Pin It

1 comment:

Nina said...

Well, thats a sucky bummer ! sounds like one of my many falls.

I trip a lot :-D

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