Monday, January 5, 2009

Scores on Etsy

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The holidays had me so freaking stressed this year. My friend and I vowed to get the hell out of town next xmas. Drinking Bahama Mamas on the beach sounds WAYYYY better. I'm not sure why it hit me so hard this year. But Etsy sure did help a lot. Nothin easier than cruisin online, picking some stuff out, then have it mailed to ya.

I got this Chore Chart from Children's Woodland for my nephew.
I was pretty certain he would just throw this gift on the floor and move on to the battery-operated made in China crap that was scattered all thru-out the living room. Kids seem to be attracted to this shit so much more, but I'm NOT buying into it. He was actually quite eager to get into the gift. Even though he told me he hated the person who made it for him, I'm pretty sure my sister-in-law loves it and it will come in handy in their home. Got kids? Put 'em to work!

I got one of my neices this kick-ass handmade cloth book from PB J&J
The pages are filled with touchy-feely things that babies love so much. The best page is the very last one--makes ya wanna go make one of those sammies yerself!
My other neice (my twin sister's daughter) got this stocking I made for this years inventory.
When I saw my sister admiring it at my mom's open house, I insisted that Mya have it. Although I didn't photograph it, I did end up putting her name along the top of it. Inside, I put a cozy pair of striped socks, and a Peacock t-shirt I'd made that I was certain was JUST for her during the batik process. Check her babydoll crib sillyness out during NYE:

Throwing in something for yourself makes this process a hell of a lot easier.
These earrings from Lavender Cottage are one of my favorite purchases recently.
I've had my eye on these birds jewelers have been incorporating in their pieces for a while now. And then I saw them. They are beautifully hammered and the perfect weight. I've been having my french hook earrings come out of my ears lately, but the weight on these keeps them snug in my lobes. Wouldn't YOU like to be snug in a lobe!

Finally, here's a few pics of the treats I made for loved ones during the holidays. Almost 4 lbs of butter later, I'm just not sure I'll do all this again. I think all the packaging sorta added to the stress of it all. There are just so many sweets going around during the holidays, I just wonder if people actually give a shit about them. And I sure as hell didn't need the extra 6-10 pounds of EATING CRAP during the holidays!!

My favorite: Molasses Sandwich Cookies

A Classic:
Peanut Butter Blossoms

Buttery Rosemary Crackers with Aged Gouda
Adapted from a recipe similar to THIS ONE.

Butter Toffee Crunch
(A staple in my holiday cooking spree)

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Unknown said...

Loooooove your purchases!! That chore chart is too awesome!! I love that he said he hated the person that made it -- that's hilarious!!

Gosh your butter toffee crunch and the brown butter cookies look delicious. Course all your food looks delish *smiles*

Oh, yes, the earrings -- GORGEOUS!!! Good call!!

Heather {naturally crafted mama} said...

Those earrings are kick ass! and that cloth book is super cute too, i'll have to favorite that site for when the bambino comes :) and ughhhh i hope you're not thinking of NOT doing treats next year... I might have to come highjack you and your kitchen next year and force you to make atleast my tin, hehe :) the toffee is always my fav and those molasses sandwich cookies, hot damn those things were good!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Heather...Please make my tin too or you are gonna get kidnapped and forced to cook!!! I love your sweets and don't mind having to exercise extra b/c of them!! I still have 2 pieces of toffee I've been saving...I know they won't make it past this week though!

Mya is too cute smushed up in her baby crib! I laughed so hard at that one! :)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. You were a busy one, weren't you? Next year I'll be doing a lot more shopping on Etsy instead of making myself crazy with the handmade goodness.

And do I even need to mention how much I LOVE that peacock batik? Whooooo-ey.

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