Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just for the FLOCK of it!

I wanted to let you know how kick-ass the Flock browser is. For some reason, Mozilla Firefox has been giving me shit lately. It will freeze up, and I can't do anything on my computer. I have to reboot, and, well, who the hell wants to do that?

What I love about the Flock browser:
  • A sidebar that can load up your myspace, facebook, flickr, also loads up e-mail alerts, and, one of my favorite, has a blog browser. Each time you get new mail, RSS feeds, comments, friend requests, etc, a little icon turns orange on the side-bar tab.
  • A media stream you can load up above your browser viewing window. You can easily scroll thru pics for a smile or inspiration while you surf
  • easier screen shots. Oh gawd, I love those things.
  • Faster loading times (for both web pages and the program itself)
  • Each time you open a new window, you can view a series of mini screen shots of your most frequently visted websites. Just click on it and BAM! you're there! Also has a column for recently closed windows, in case you wanna go back.

Now if I could only get a little flashing alert that lights up on my laptop so I won't have to sit down here, even just to check for new stuff. Cuz that's when I get distracted and start stumbling and google-image-searching and you-tubing.

Sorry to bore you with no pics today.
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1 comment:

Banana said...

o justine, you are never boring my dear. thanks for the recommendation. i will def check it out the new browser. oh ya, i ordered from thread from that awesome site to shared with me. u rock!

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