Sunday, October 19, 2008

I suck at drawing

Yup. I'm a seamstress who really can't draw or sketch worth a crap. I wish I could draw like those designers on Project Runway. It's like a flip of the wrist and there's a dashing woman in a floor-brushing dress with zippers as the strapping and waistband. The drawing comes so effortlessly!

Here's an example of the sketch of a recent dress I put up on the website.

I mean, the dress isn't that bad, but there's no body. That's because I hate drawing bodies. They end up looking like aliens or something. Like this one:
Her neck could go on for days and her tiny feet will cause this child to fall forwards with just the nudge of a pinky on her shoulder.

I should be using colored pencils, too, but where are they when I need them?

I updated the website yesterday. My dumbass forgot to post the measurements on the new pants I put up. There goes a bunch of potential customers. I usually get the highest amount of traffic on my website the days I update. I doubt someone is going to come back to a website hoping the idiot webmaster added the much-needed information for them to get the pants. It's up there now, so that's that.

It has become such a joy for me to go check out the website to see what idiots have been photographed and then submitted to the website for our enjoyment. My favorite one yet is this guy on a bike:

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Lesley of Banana Pants Clothes said...

I can't draw people worth a damn either. Which is probably why I gave up sketching designs before I make them a long time ago. :)

Heather {naturally crafted mama} said...

ahahahahaha! I'm laughing at your sketch ONLY because it looks almost identical to the ones I do- I can't draw for shit and my sketches are ridiculous looking, good thing I'm not drawing them for someone else's reference! Thanks for sharing the fail website, I was cracking up over breakfast yesterday :)

Heather said...

Hey! I found your blog on etsy :) I'm mightymama, the one who made your neice those hats.

Who gives an eff if you can't draw, as long as you can make amazing dresses :)

Infinite Cosmos said...

Your drawing capabilities are much better than mine!
Oh and about the carrots, we mostly just eat them raw but sometimes add them to salads (shredded) and soups and such.

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