Thursday, October 9, 2008

How ya got here

Here's some of the latest keyword searches to get to this blog:

  • Rothbury Festival Boobs
  • Dolphins-curry
  • Bitchin BBQ sauce
  • Fleece Panties
  • Where to find Shrooms
  • Stitchin potatoes
  • Bitchin fabric
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Lesley of Banana Pants Clothes said...

I particularly like "Rothbury Festival Boobs." Haha!

For the record, I got here because you left a comment on my blog once, and I subscribed to your blog because I thought it was interesting. :)

How do you track what keyword searches bring up your blog?

Heather {naturally crafted mama} said...

hehe, this is always funny!

Heather said...

HAHA, Awesome!
Do you make a bitchin bbq sauce? :) I do, too. I'm a bbq sauce + homefry freak. I had to play around with my bbq sauce recipe for a while to find one that I finally liked. I refuse to buy the regular storebought one anymore, and the Annie's organic one just tasted like funky ketchup to me. So I made my own. And it was.. magnificent once I finally got it right. I wanted to kiss my own feet for taking notes as I went so I can recreate it.

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