Saturday, February 9, 2008

Third time's thecharm?

I just love the Found website. A friend of mine had told me about it a while back and I'm not sure why I've passed it up for so long. I find it very interesting--all the little bits of notes and photos found here and there. I've always enjoyed reading people's grocery lists when I find them in the supermarket. And peeking into those shopping carts of familiar faces. The amount of garbage the people eat around here is just ridiculous.

But anywhoo, , , back to Found magazine. I found this one particularly funny. The fact that this girl Becca has the balls to respond back to the thief so matter-of-factly is the icing on the cake.

Poor Becca. I hope she gets a new bike soon.

I've been feeling really crafty lately. I know--like that's anything unusual around here. But this week I've been wanting to create more crafty-type things instead of clothing. I think a great source of inspiration of these little things has been greatly influenced by all these friggen sewing blogs I've been reading lately. There is a great BIG LIST of sewing blogs that I've been searching thru lately. This morning I managed to make it to the end of the list, making sure to bookmark the good ones. I like pictures, what can I say. I'm too lazy to read thru the posts if there isn't any pics. So I shall make a concerted effort to show ya'll plenty of pics!

Okay, so back to the crafti-ness. I also want to mention that you, Kelly, have also inspired me to make more than just clothing over here. Thanks sweetie!

Right, so craft talk it is. . .. I woke up Wednesday with the urge to make cupcakes. Not the delicious fattening kind, but something of the fabric sort. I went to work right away. I wanted sprinkles on them. So I took several different color threads and did some satin stitching directly onto some scrap pink hemp. Then I cut a trapezoid shape out of some brown corduroy for the bottom. A little math to figure out the circle, and the damn thing still didn't line up as I stitched. I finally got it together, but it doesn't really look like a cupcake. Cute, but not a cupcake.

Back to the drawing board.

The bottom needs to be a half-circle or arch type thing so it doesn't look wonky on the sides. And it needs interfacing to stand up nice and tall. Hubby says, babe, it needs a muffin-top. Finally, an occasion where a muffin-top is indeed necessary and not just an excuse to wear too-tight jeans. A gathered circle should do the trick.

So I go to work. More math, more errors, but joy all along. I don't know what has come over me, but I just want cupcakes.

The second one is looking better. A hostess rip-off with the swirly chocolate icing. See, I'm not one to do muslin mock-ups. Cuz I figure if it works out, why not make it cute and useful instead of just a boring white thing?? Ya did all that work anyways. ..

Hmmm. . . . still needs work. The bottom isn't standing out strait like I thought it would. Time for thicker interfacing, the kind I bought for the wallets. Oh yeah, that stuff is awesome. Interfacing, people. Learn it. Use it.

Third time's a charm??

See how the sides of the bottom part stick up nice and tall. THAT is what a real cupcake does. Doesn't look all round and stupid like in the first one I made.

So I put it up on etsy and we'll see what happens. I was just too excited about it.

I also began cutting out a wrap skirt on Wednesday, too. Of course, I screwed up on the math on that one, too, so I had to bust out the other piece of the brilliant fabric to make another half circle. This was the fabric I spoke about previously that I had set aside for myself for the lining of a jacket/coat I plan on making for myself. There's still plenty left, thank goodness, because I NEED that fabric on my back, in my possession, for the rest of my life somehow.

You just don't understand how important the fabric is until you see it.

Okay, now that you understand what I'm talking about, we can go on. Cutting the two half-circles was kind of a challange. Forcing me to clean up my kitchen, mopping the floor as it would serve as the cutting table for such a large piece. This fabric is 50" wide. A lot to deal with. I just kind of used my arms as a big compass, holding my left hand at the center mark of the fabric.

So it's all cut out now, and I need to go and get some sort of dark brown for the trim and waistband. I'll get into that probably next week, as the next large project in the kitchen studio will be batik. I've already started on the next batch today, filling in the wax onto the sketched-out designs onto some t-shirts. I'll mix and dye tomorrow afternoon/night and see the results Monday after I boil them out. I'm excited--it's the first batch of batiks I've done this year.

I have so much more to write about. But this is getting pretty absurd, this long post. So I shall leave you with that. And just know that savory mushrooms and send-ables are on their way the next posting. . .

Love you girls. . . Pin It


Anonymous said...

they came out so cute!!! you should definitely do another with the sprinkle top in the new pattern :) and wow that fabric is kick ass! i love that it's just one color for the design. i finished off enchated gypsy the other day and will be moving to the LONG list of crafty blogs next :) guess i should get dressed though since it's after noon already :)

Unknown said...

Ohhhhh I love your cupcakes!!! I just made a whole set of food for my niece the other day! We must have been sympatico *smiles* Yay cupcakes! I'm so excited that I inspired you!!! That is completely awesome!!! Now, if I only had the courage to be inspired to try some of the super hard things you do *smiles*

Unknown said...

Awesome sister ! Those are so freakin cute I luv it!!!!!
How is it going on the wrap skirt ?

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