Friday, February 29, 2008

C'mon. . . Heart it!!!!

So I just listed some really cute fabric postcards on etsy. I just love the way they turned out and can't wait to make more. It's so rewarding--getting these little guys done. Now I'm just waiting around for someone to heart some of them. I love hearts!

I had some good success with the patchwork yesterday. In about 6 hours total, I managed to get over 3 yards of diagonal random patchwork done. I'm not quite sure what I'll make with it yet, but it felt good to get this done. It actually came out faster than I'd thought.

I have to share with you a photo of my lunch earlier this week. At Trader Joes on Sunday I picked up a delicious garlic cheese baguette. I loaded up some of the roasted veggies from the a few days earlier, slapped on some homemade pesto and voila!

I'm really enjoying this--blogging about food. It has actually gotten me into the kitchen and cooking more.

I finished up the wrap skirt I started a couple weeks ago. After sorting thru all my fabrics, I came across a lovely cinnamon brown print with leaves and flowers. The leaves matched the lady vine print perfectly and I used it for the waistband and hemband. I will hold off on showing you, as it will be included in the next website update.

I'm anxiously awaiting my new (used) serger next week. I've been wanting a 5 thread serger for a more sturdy seam for patchwork, and more options for the knits and jerseys I've become so fond of using lately. I'm thinking that if all goes well with the new serger, I'll be working with a lot more knits for the Spring and Summer festivals. They feel so good against the skin, and are actually fairly easy to stitch up. Next time I order fabric I'm going to try the bamboo jersey, as the piece of bamboo fleece is just SOOO freaking luxurious that my friend Heather sent me. I imagine the jersey will be just as nice!

Dinner tonight was pretty darn good, too. Craving shrimp again, I was pleased to come across Emeril Live's Shrimp show that was on tonight. I went to the website and browsed at what was added. Since I didn't have any cream (I never do!) or milk, I opened a can of cream of mushroom soup. Yup! The staple in white trash meals. But I love the stuff! I sauteed up some onions and garlic, added some of the soup mix, veggie stock, and some pesto. I added the pre-browned shrimp with the pesto towards the end and it was really yummy. I stirred it up with some spaghetti.

Next up, shopping for fabrics for my next custom order. Yay! An excuse to go nuts at the quilt shop!!! Pin It


Infinite Cosmos said...

what a pretty strip of patchwork!! I wish i had the patience for patchwork these days. It is so cute on kids and my daughter sooooo needs some new mama made duds. I'm just too ADD for patchwork these days.....maybe i'll have to get a cute outfit from you for my girly!! hmmm....

Anonymous said...

ummmm can you stop posting pics of all these oh so scrumptious meals you've been making, I'm drooling all over my keyboard hehe :) Wow the patchwork came out great, and I see the kitty thinks so too!

Cupcake Mama said...

That patchwork looks beautiful...and your little black kitty looks like my Bertha ; ) The sammy looks prety darn good too!!

Unknown said...

Ohhhh, that samich looks delicious! *drools*

You asked about my bags: they aren't interfaced because I just didn't think they needed it. I put a box in them for the pictures so that you can actually see how nice they look. I've been carrying one like these for a while now and it is holding up awesomely *smiles* I'm so stingy with interfacing. Maybe if I would go out and buy a few bolts, I'd be more likely to use it.

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