Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Beginning the blogging

So here I am, trapped inside the world of blogs. They have become my recent addiction, linking to more and more blogs. More bookmarks, more additions to my blogline. Putting my nose in people's businesses and lives could not be easier. Don't bother tidying up before taking those random pictures--I really enjoy studying pictures. It's the backgrounds that often tell more than the subjects themselves. ..

Okay, so on to the rambling of what should be talked about in this blog . . . sewing. The most recent thing I made was a top for myself. I was pretty darn pleased with it, and put it on immediately. The fabric was so soft AND warm!

I used exposed serged seams on this top, pulling some of them thru to make that cool wavy effect. I dig it. My serger kind of FREAKS out on thinner fabrics, so the edges kind of look crappy. Oh well, I'm the one who's gonna wear it and complain to myself every time I wear it.

I've been on the look-out for a new serger. Like I really can afford one at this point, let's be honest!!!. But it's defintely a necessary addition to my line of machines here. Most of which, don't work, by the way. But I hope to get one that will handle jerseys a bit better and one that will give me a RTW clothing look.

Okay, so I got that top done and it's okay with me.

On Monday, I made that beautiful top that's behind me in the pic--it's for Shannon to match her pants. It was a good day for sewing--well, at least I thought. I made another snappy wallet. I wanted one to match the mushroom family tote I have on etsy so they could all, well, so they could all sort of live together. Everything turned out really well. Then came the snappy part. I totally spaced on the spacing (haha-see the pun?) and the top pocket cannot be used to store cards, as it was intended for. Awesome! A pocket just for small notes! Hmmm. . . Then the snap didn't really line up with the back part of the snap so it kind of gets squeezed when ya snap it. Just a little bit--even unnoticeable to the everyday eye. But I know it's there. Haunting me in my bed as I try to sleep, knowing there is no way to go back and fix it. There just isn't . The dang thing punches a 1/8" hole in all the fabrics and if ya pull it out, well, ya got a big hole there.

Here it is so you can see just how cute he is, with flaws and all.

I might just keep the dang thing. Because after spending as much time as I did on that little bugger, I don't want to have to sell it for less than my usual selling price. Who knows--it might end up being a freebie with the tote bag, unless a new one gets made to replace it.

I am excited to go on and use another piece of this AWESOME fabric I got at G-Street Fabrics a few weeks ago. (an actual picture of this to come!) I have it set aside to be the lining of a coat I plan on making for myself before the Spring and Summer gets here. It is going to be a big sewing task and I need to have PLENTY of time for screw-ups and aggravated stomping around on the deck outside. Because the coats I see in the stores are just freaking ugly. I don't want that ski-er look nor one of a retired nurse in a plaid peacoat. I mean, I like the pea-coat look, don't get me wrong, but I want it with a bit more shape AND a hood on it. Because hoods are cute. And they make you feel cute. And you can hide in them when you're PMSing and don't wanto to step outside into the real world.

But today it's raining and it seems like a very good day to sit on my bum and watch Lifetime movies. Then think about all the sewing things that I should be doing and start making lists. Then realize that it is a stupid movie afterall and switching it to some recorded episodes of Law and Order. God I love that show. When all else fails, there is always Law and Order to watch. And when I say Law and Order, I mean all the other shows that they do--the best of which is Criminal Intent.

Okay, I could go on and on all day about just how good that show is, but I shall say no more. Let the show speak for itself.

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Unknown said...

Yay!!! I am SOOO glad you entered the bloggy world! I love blogging! It keeps me motivated to create because I update it nightly. I just don't want to disappoint. Not that anyone is reading my lame blogs obsessively, but you know what I mean! I love your mushy wallet -- it is so adorable! I'm just so excited, I don't know what to say!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... she must be the studious type, or a reknowned world traveler with that map in the background.... hehe, just kidding :) but i know what you mean, i love checking out the pics with blogs, i now realize it's a MUST for a blog! have fun, it's addicting as i found out, even with my ghetto myspace blog :)

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