Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Etsy Goodies

Not a day goes by that I don't go and browse Etsy. Also known as the land of handmade goodness! I'm a firm believer in that what goes around comes around. I like to support other artists. I love the feeling of getting something made with love and respect to our bodies, earth and wallet. You get what you pay for!!!

Recently I got some of this soap from Crystalwood on Etsy. If you want a decadent treat for your skin, add this to your shower routine. Finally a body wash that truely is moisturizing!!!

The scents are truely delicious! This lavender one is made with pure essential oils. She also uses high quality fragrance oils that are almost edible with their sweet aromas. While you are shopping for others, be sure to throw a few of these into your shopping cart when you're on Etsy!

For those that know me a little more personally, you've probably already learned that I removed my dreadlocks a few weeks back. Just ready for a change, I guess. That lead me to a new experience, one that I haven't indulged in for years--15 years, to be exact! Hair bling! Now that my hair is free-flowing and finer in quantity than before, I needed some things to help hold my bangs back. These beautiful jewels from ThePinkCamilla were just what I was looking for.
I have no idea how she makes these, but I've never seen hairpins so gorgeous. Her delicate touch makes your hair sparkle and kissed with love.

My friend Lily has become an inspiration to me and many other crafty mamas out there. I'm so glad she is able to share her art with us in her shop. Her ability to use recycled materials in her work is something immaculate. The final product would have you NEVER guessing it was made from repurposed clothing. She scavenges Thrift stores for usable materials to go into incredible pieces of work. Her spats are one of her new creations. You can throw a bag of scraps at Lily and she will love your forever. All those little bits that drive us nuts, gathering in piles in our sewing room?? Lily transforms them into miracles.
These legwarmers are great! It's such a good way to add warmth to those beautiful dresses and skirts that often go hiding during winter. I love to wear an extra layer to my legs and feet during the cooler months when chillin around the house.

Speaking of cooler months, this pair of slipper boots are such a treat for my tootsies! Australian seller Craftidame created these fun and cheery slipper boots completely by hand. I love how she uses lots of color and texture in her work. These have become one of my favorites! They'll keep you warm and make ya look cute, too!

There are a couple more pairs in her shop, so go ahead and grab them before they sell out. You will be SOOOOO glad you did!

Finally, some fine jewelry to talk about. Irish seller Made For An Angel struck me when I came across her listings in a recent Etsy browse. I love the rustic feel to her pieces. A jeweler that is literally beating her metals into art. This Amber ring called for me. The flowers just add to the hand-crafted appeal that drew me in.
She will make her jewelry in your choice of stone. It won't be long before the treasure is in your hands, packed and shipped with love, promptly and safely.

I love Etsy!

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Shannon said...

I love Etsy too and can spend hours on there! I'm trying to do a large part of my xmas shopping there this year in order to support handmade artists, find unusual gifts, and AVOID retail store madness~ Beautiful finds, Justine! Thanks for sharing.

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