Saturday, June 13, 2009

How ya got here, June 2009 Edition

Recent search queries to this blog:
  • Make her wee
  • Peeking at panties with toe camera
  • Drunk bunny Hookahville
  • Cooking for idiots
  • panty pictures kitchen oven
  • abuela fuck
  • panty giveaway 2009
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RunninL8 said...

Hi there from Alaska! Came by way of Enchanted Tree. I'm enjoying your blog and LOVING those batik panties!!! I have a weight loss goal...and when i reach it I'd love to order some!
DO you happen to go way back to the SB Family Crafter days??!?

RunninL8 said...

Ok-those arm warmers ROCK!!!! On the list!

And yay for tree huggin!!!

Justine said...

Hey Alaska visitor! Thanks for crusin' by! I have been a SB for like 8 years or so?? Does that count?? haha! I got my fat ass in a size XL in those panties, and they are comf!!!

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