Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heads, Shoulders, but what about his Knees and Toes?

On our way to the gym this morning:

Tim: I'm just gonna get rid of ALL the sweets when we get back home.

Me: K

Tim: No need in having it around.

Me: I'll just hide it.

Tim: Yeah, you'll hide it in the garbage can!

Me: Well, it's not like I've been pigging out on candy (remembering the reese's cups candy wrappers from his lunch on the couch yesterday afternoon)

Tim: Uh huh

Me: Well, I mean, just some of the Easter bunny. It's not like I've been hogging down on that. . . I just ate his head off. . .

Tim: Uh huh

Me: Okay, and maybe some of his shoulders, too. . .
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kate said...

hehe. I would say that I eat healthy, but the 15 pounds I've gained and missing candy from daughter's Easter basket might say otherwise....

Heather said...

you had me giggling by the first couple lines of this one :)

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