Thursday, April 2, 2009

Batik Booty

A couple of weeks ago I got 56 pairs of panties from the UPS guy.  This will be just the start of my Spring and Summer inventory of batik panties.  These have become a great seller here in my shop, and I'm excited to get them to more than one festival this year.   I began making a lot more of these late in the summer last year but actually made my first pairs several years ago.   I had ordered a few different styles last summer, but finally settled for the Boy short style after the other two styles ended up sticking around a lot longer.

The photo above shows the beginning of some that will get waxed again and go back into the dye.  Here's what it looks like when I'm waxing a piece.  I usually stretch it with an embroidery hoop, as it helps the wax penetrate the fabric.  Most of the times I sketch the designs in with pencil, but sometimes I just go for it and do it free-hand.  

I got started with about 20 some pairs in this last batch.  I say batch because I like to do several pieces at one time when I do batik.  No sense on dragging out all the supplies and messing up the studio just for one pair of drawers!  I mix up my dyes in small batches, and like to use up all that I've got at one time so it doesn't sit around and lose its' strength.  A lot of the times I have more dye than I need when I finish my batik clothing pieces, so the rest of the dyes get thrown onto random pieces of fabric I have here, a lot of which lately has been hemp.    

The latest dyed piece will go to a friend of mine who has traded a lovely skirt with me.  I will get pics of me in the skirt and her package I'm working on now.  Lily's trade from me will be many dyed goodies!  Here's a pic of the applique of Lily's skirt from her Myspace page: 

The applique is just beautiful, isn't it!  I've already worn the skirt 3 times in the past week!   More photos to come of new inventory and me in this skirt!!

An Award!

I was given this award by Jan over at Wyldewood Papers Blog for my RAOK post.  That was so nice of ya,  Jan!!  Thank you kindly!   I shall repay the compliment and give this award to:


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Heather {naturally crafted mama} said...

Ooooo that applique is gorgeous!!! And I love the pic of the panties all strung up, hehe :)

Yarrow said...

Love love love the tree goddess!!! Beautiful. Love your blog. Blessings.

coffeejill said...

lily does the BEST work....lucky you, Justine!!

Nice work on the batik panties!!!

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