Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Or, getting the most out of your iPhone 4. I upgraded yesterday and have been playing with my phone ever since. We are not new to the iPhone world. I've had one for about 2 years now and love the heck out of it.

There are some apps I use almost every day, and some, well, they just plain suck. We'll talk about the good ones today.
The app most used on my phone is the Kindle.

I love how I can bring my book with me WHERE EVER. The iPhone version is in full color (where it applies), where the original version is in boring black text only. While this doesn't really bother me for general reading, it does add to bright colored apps my son likes to fool around with. We'll get to those later in this post.

There is also a Kindle app for the iPad, which kicks major ass, too. One of the best parts about this is you can sync up both (or all 3, if you have the original Kindle) to find the last place you've read. As you read along, you can highlight things you find important, and even look up a word you don't know. It has a dictionary that you'll download as soon as you need to use it. The text can be changed from white to black background, making the screen seem darker, and less intrusive for those little eyes trying to close while I read.

People with kids know how much they love trying to steal your phone, no matter what is going on. I really like how I can have this little gadget in my hand, instead of a book that my child will destroy.

Any woman in their child-bearing years will love the My Cycles app.

You'll be able to keep track of your periods on here, including information on symptoms and moods, like cramps, edginess, etc. For those trying (or not trying!) to conceive, this is a great tool that leaves you no excuse for not marking your important dates.

Those of you that do not know about Pandora Radio need to get on the ball. I mean, if you like FREE music!
If you have external speakers, or an auxilary input for your vehicle or home stereo, you'll be gittin your groove on in no time! You'll put in your favorite artist, song or genre and the genius little doo-hicky will play some great songs! Don't like one of them? Just skip it to the next track! Love one of the songs? You can easily click on the link to buy the album or song. Note: setting your iTunes up for instant purchases can be DANGEROUS! We rock out to all kinds of music, and also, the Toddler channel and the newly added comedy stations. Every 15 minutes or so of playtime, a short ad, of about 10 seconds plays, so it's not too annoying. Hint: don't give the "thumbs up" unless you want a more repetitive playlist.

One of my Go-To apps when searching for any brick and mortar place is Where To . If you want to find a local place to eat, get your hair cut, play at a park, or countless other places, this is the app to get! I love how it shows the distance from your current location, and gives the website so you can hop online for more info.

Another similar app, with more user-based info, is Yelp! I'm really digging the reviews! So many people complain about food at restaurants! It's like they expect made-from-scratch high quality ingredients for fast food prices, and wait staff that kisses your ass.

iPhone apps we love for our little (18 month old) guy:
What are some of your favorite apps?
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