Friday, August 22, 2008

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes. . .

I'm still here! Just been a lazy blogger, I guess. We went to Nelson's Ledges for Reggae Fest. The music was the best line-up of the year; Midnite, as usual, were great and I got turned onto Berres Hammond. It poured buckets of rain that night, but I had my rainboots and rain jacket on and the cool rain felt good on skin. The quarry was beautiful and it was awesome to see a few of our friends, but I'm just not too sure about that place. Quite frankly, the sound system sucked major ass. The general vibe of the place was okay, but I think the Cove blows that place away.

I finished up a custom order wedding dress this week. Well, yesterday, actually. It was a simple dress design. My client is getting married at the beach and so she wanted something light, casual, and CHEAP! I told her I'd do it! I used just plain unbleached cotton muslin, as requested, and trimmed it with a cappuccino satin ribbon, the same color thread I used thru-out. There are some cute 3D flowers at the bodice. It's strapless and has an underskirt that I'm surprising her with. Since the muslin was thin, I wanted some sort of liner. I couldn't get pics yet because it's too small for my dress form. I hope she'll send me tons and tons of photos so I can add them to my gallery.

I plan on doing some cooking later on. I won't let the cat out of the bag just yet. But you're in for some tomato talk and some sweet treat reading later on. . .

Here's a classic:
Oh yeah. Tomatoes and mozzarella baby. I made a little pesto and threw it on there because sometimes I don't like chewing thru a big ol' piece of basil. The sprig is there JUST for garnish cuz I needed to take this pic for this blog. :)

Here's a dessert I made a while back. Get some butter melted in a pan and add some brown sugar. Throw in some diced fresh pineapple and let it get all brown and gooey and just plain yummy smelling. Then eat it with ice cream. Or slurp it up, cuz the pineapple is so hot it just melts it right away. It's some good shit.
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