Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Mothers Day will bring. . .

What it brought us was a bunch of kittens!! We have been feeding this orphaned family of kittens on our deck since last July when I was at All Good Festival. Well, 2 of those kittens are now mamas, and of them brought all her kittens inside while we were gone for Mothers Day. We wondered how they were, when we spotted the in the hole of our pump house, nested alongside the insulation.

We found them in one of our comfy chairs Monday morning, waiting for their mother, who was waiting outside by the window we usually leave open when we are gone and throughout the day. I can't help but let them be there for a while. I plan on moving them to a lined box, then to one of the sheds outside. She is a young, but attentive mother, letting them nurse and cleaning them whenever necessary.

Don't you want a kitten?

Well, I told you I would describe the beadwork I've been doing lately. I did several peyote stitch dread beads for the next festies, and to give to those I love. Here's a few of my faves:

I also wrapped up a piece of reconstituted Turquoise. What is reconstituted Turquoise, you might ask? Well, it means they took all the shards and bits of real turquoise, and pulverize it. Then it is combined with a resin and formed into new slabs. So it is real Turquoise, but it's man-made. It turns out to be stronger than it's original form.

I added a Peyote Stitch-wrapped Quartz crystal, Bali Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals, a freshwater pearl, many stones, and used Sterling Silver to wrap the whole thing. The bail is a new style for me, herringbone, or something or other. A friend told me about it, saying it would make the bail stronger and the piece last longer. I really love it.

My next step is to make some sort of plexy glass case to display these small items inside my booth. They are just too small and valuable and unfortunately too easy to pick up with sticky fingers. No way am I gonna let my hard work go to some douchebag who refuses to respect handmade crafts.

I'm also about to update the website within the next day, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for keepin' in touch ya'll!!!

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Heather {naturally crafted mama} said...

Ooooooo that mama cat is so damn cute with her babies!!!! No wonder you want to let them be for a bit :) and I like the shroom beading, I don't thing I saw that one in your photos...

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